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We offer professional, full service Orlando Property Management throughout the Central Florida region since 1985.

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WHY Presidential Group South?

Leaving Property Management Orlando to Experts Gives you Peace of Mind

Property Management OrlandoWhen you own property in Orlando, you’ve invested in some of the most desirable real estate in the country. If you’ve bought your property as an investment with the knowledge that you’ll be renting it out, you need a highly experienced, reliable Orlando property management company to handle all management aspects for you.

Presidential Group South, LLC is the trusted Orlando property management company that Orlando owners have relied on since 1985 for experience, professionalism and efficiency in residential and commercial property management.

You’ll have absolute assurance that all facets of renting your property are being taken care of in the most timely, professional way. Contact Presidential Group South today at 407-682-3355 or click here.

Orlando Realty and Property ManagementExpert property management Orlando FL Representation is Critical

Whether you live in Orlando or you’re a property owner outside of Florida, you’ll have complete confidence in the expertise of Presidential Group South to handle your property for you, so you can focus on other important aspects of your life. Expert Orlando realty and property management services provided by Presidential Group South, LLC include:

  • Vetting of tenants –Thorough background checks including credit, employment and eviction history, so you’ll be confident about who you’re renting your property to
  • Collecting rent and fees –Collection is taken care of for you, and funds are distributed promptly to you
  • Inspections and maintenance –Rest assured that all maintenance is fully handled by licensed, professional and insured repair experts. Coordination with tenants for access to the building is taken care of as well
  • Home Owners Association fees –Fees will be taken care of promptly, giving you one less thing to be concerned with
  • Tenant concerns and complaints –Expert handling of any issues that come up, along with sending maintenance services when required

Orlando Property ManagementThe Trusted Resource for Expert Orlando Property Management Services

Presidential Group South, LLC provides the property management Orlando FL homeowners and investors rely on to expertly care for their investments. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investment is well taken care of and will remain profitable for years to come, with the least amount of worry. The property management Orlando owners have come to trust will represent all your interests with integrity, polished skill and knowledge. They know the real estate market in Orlando inside and out, and know exactly what the correct rent amounts are for each area. They’ll check all records of prospective renters and make sure you’re getting the best tenants to rent each property. You’ll be kept in constant communication and you’ll know your property is cared for exactly the way you would do it if you could be available to handle your Orlando property management. Presidential does things exactly the way you like to have them done. Presidential Group South is your first choice for Orlando realty and property management solutions. Contact Presidential Group South today at 407-682-3355 or click here.