Where will my property be advertised?

We advertise on multiple websites, front yard signage, and local realtor cooperation.

Do I have to pay for advertising?

All advertising costs are included at no cost to client.

As the property owner, how involved do I have to be?

We strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of the fact that we are a full service management company; however, we do understand some owners prefer to be more hands on.

Who handles Maintenance and Repairs?

We have a maintenance and repair system that quickly responds to tenant request and emergencies. Our network of experienced and low-cost vendors ensures repairs are completed quickly, competently, and within budget.

What about evictions and legal matters?

We work with an experienced and inexpensive eviction attorney, and do not charge extra for our staff’s time to appear in court, nor do we mark-up the attorney’s expenses. And if other legal matters occur that require specialized legal expertise, we can refer owners to other experience real estate attorneys.

What happens when tenant moves out?

We process the old tenant’s Security Deposit, deducting for move-out expenses, and for damages beyond normal wear and tear. Our goal is to re-rent the unit as quickly as possible to ensure steady rental income.