Marketing Services

Whmarketing-property-orlandoen you hire Presidential Group South as your Central Florida property management company, you can expect the best marketing services from the most professional property managers.  Our Central Florida property managers know how to best depict and market your properties in order to find the most quality tenants, and in order to reach the greatest number of house- and home-hunters.  Our marketing and advertising strategy involves the following four elements:

Internet Ads:

When it comes to marketing your properties, 90% of Presidential Group South’s traffic and attention comes from our internet ads on websites.  Depending on the property type, we will advertise on 8-12 of the most professional and popular property search websites.  The top websites for such listings include Zillow, HotPads, Trulia,, and Craigslist.  Presidential Group South knows how to make your home stand out, among the many properties available in Central Florida, so that your future tenants can easily find your property.  Our online advertisements are professional and effective, and will bring in the best tenants.

Yard Signage (if permissible):

While yard signs may seem like a thing of the past, they continue to be a great source of advertisement for Central Florida properties.  Many who are searching for a home will scout out rentals in areas that they prefer, and would rather find a property by location than the internet.  Nothing beats seeing a property first-hand, and assessing it and it’s location with your own eyes.  As long as yard signage is allowed by the association or neighborhood, Presidential Group South sees this as a valuable strategy to finding quality tenants.

Other Central Florida Realtors:

As Presidential Group South has been servicing Central Florida since 1985, they have developed relationships within the vast network of realtors in Central Florida.  This is quite an advantage, when it comes to marketing homes and properties.  Other realtors can help connect Presidential Group South to tenants through referrals.  Our company even offers incentives to these realtors, for their referrals, which encourages them to send tenant matches our way.

Our Presidential Group South Website, as well as Word-of-Mouth:

Our clients’ properties also get an exclusive listing on our website, where they have a greater opportunity to stand out and to draw the attention of serious renters.  When a renter can find a property on a professional property management website, they have the assurance that they are looking at a legitimate rental advertisement, and that they will be dealing with professionals.  Many renters see the benefits of choosing a property that is managed by a leading company like ours, because it equates to high quality service and a great rental experience.

Trust our Central Florida property management group to advertise your properties in the most professional and effective way, and you will increase your success with tenants and rental prices.