Rent Collection with Presidential Group South

rent-collection-orlandoYou may be wondering how Presidential Group South can boast such timely rental check payments, to our clients.  We are one of the most prompt and reliable Central Florida property management companies, when it comes to property accounting and finances.  Our clients are continually satisfied and impressed by our well-kept financial records and our speedy delivery of funds.  When it comes to your finances, and putting them in someone else’s hands, you want to be sure that they are being handled professionally and accurately.

It helps that we have the support of an expert, full-service accounting team.  This accounting team is responsible for maintaining the financial records for your properties, allocating your property funds, handling the intake and delivery of your rental payments, and delivering monthly statements and yearly 10-99 statements for tax purposes.  Once rental payments have cleared through this department and are available, they will be sent to the owner immediately—with no owner rate, and no fees.

However, having an accounting team isn’t a facet that guarantees prompt rental payment—it is a facet that guarantees prompt rental payment delivery, once that payment is received, as well as accurate account keeping.  What do we do for your tenants, to make it easier for them to make their payments?

We offer tenants multiple means through which to pay their rent, which makes it much more convenient for them to get their rent in on-time.  Many property management groups in Central Florida have limited and restricted processes, for receiving rent, which make it more complicated for busy individuals with variant work schedules.  The following are the avenues through which your tenants can pay.

Tenants can:

  • —  Pay at the Presidential Group South office
  • —  Mail their payment to the office
  • —  Pay online
  • —  Pay at a 7/11 or Amscot with cash, which will credit their account immediately

Such ease of payment makes it simple, for your tenants to get their rent in on-time.  It also helps that our Central Florida property managers perform thorough background checks in order to find tenants who have the most qualified finances for the property.  With Presidential Group South, you can feel at-ease, knowing that your funds are being allocated properly, and that you will receive your payments in a timely and convenient fashion.