Tenant Placement

Here at Presidtenant-placement-orlandoential Group South, we are proud to have a tenant placement program that allows the property owner to be more involved in the selection process.  Our Central Florida property management group puts an emphasis on client-manager communication, and on providing our clients with excellent custome
r service.  Such communication is vital, when it comes to finding the right tenants for our clients’ properties.

We perform a thorough screening process on our potential tenants, in order to ensure that they meet the qualifications for each property.  Once we find a quality tenant for a property, we will contact our client and bring them up-to-date.  Before a lease is signed or a tenant is approved, our clients will know the background information of the potential tenant and will have the final say in who gets approval.  Many clients prefer having this information, and having control over who will be living in their properties.

Our screening process for tenant placement includes all of the following comprehensive background checks:

  • — Credit checks
  • — Criminal background checks
  • — Rental references
  • — Employment verification

Our minimum request for a security deposit is one month’s rent, and a comprehensive walk-through will be performed at move-in.  During this walk-through, a move-in inspection form will be completed.

This is a more personalized property management service, through which you will know more about what is going on with your properties, and you will have a greater opportunity to adjust our Central Florida property management services to fit your needs.  For example, if you would prefer to request a higher security deposit than one month’s rent, our Central Florida property managers will enforce your preference.  Our services are flexible, and can certainly be tailored to your style.

When you hire Presidential Group South as your property management group in Central Florida, you can look forward to open and available communication, flexible service options, and the best customer service.  We have been selecting quality tenants for homeowners and community associations since 1985, and we know the best avenues through which to find the right tenant for your properties, and the right process through which to approve their tenant potential.  You can trust us to perform thorough background checks, to represent you professionally while showing your properties, and to perform comprehensive walk-throughs with your tenants.